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  Summary Picture Parameters Function Interface  
Dual-band GSM external modem
EGSM900/1800Mhz or EGSM900/1900MHz
Small size and aluminum shell shock
Install and us,connect Internet instantly
has been through all the technical standards certification
Voice, messaging, fax and data transmission of GSM Phase2 +
Designed for a specific application of the AT command control system
Technical Specification
Product performance: Dual-band GSM modem (EGSM900/1800MHz or EGSM900/1900MHz), applied to the data, fax, voice and messaging applications, has been certified by all of its design and development of the ETSI GSM Phase2 + standard (General Telephone)
Output Power: Class4(2W@900MHz)
Input voltage: 5V32V
Input current: 5mA standby, 140 mA @ 12V calls in the state GSM900MHz
5mA standby, 100 mA @ 12V calls in the state GSM1800/1900MHz
Temperature Range: -20 - +55 working state
-25 - +70 storaging state
Product Size: 985425mm
Product Weight: 130g

- Voice function     call     emergency telephone
Voice Codec: full-speed, full-speed and semi-enhanced rate (FR / EFR / HR)
DTMF functions (DTMF)

- Data / fax function     Non-synchronous data circuit     Transparent and non-transparent to the highest standards 14400 bits/s
The third category automatically fax (Class1 and Class2)
MNP2, V42bis

- Short message service     text and PDU     peer-to-peer (MT / MO)     district Broadcast


- RS-232 connections through a small mouth and Sub-D15 connector plugs audio interface support:
AT command used for the remote control (GSM07.07 and 07.05)
Link bit rate from 300 to 115,200 bits / s
Automatic bit rate (300 to 38,400 bits / s)
- Through micro - FIT4 Plug power connector
- SMA Antenna Interface
- Down the SIM card memory

With the delivery of products can be
- User's Guide
- Power Line
- For data and automatically connect to the Y-line (optional)
- Positioning equipment

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